Antidote by ~Draikinator

The music used in the Old Chateau (among other places) in the Diamond and Pearl games is downright creepy. Not to mention that the aforementioned location actually has non-Pokémon ghosts (as in, real people).

Note that in Platinum, it’s heavily implied that Charon lived there as a small child.

Also, while it may not be intentional, the Old Chateau has a dining area which is split into an unreasonably large dining table and a kitchen. An item you can find in the kitchen in a trash can near the table is an Antidote. Stop for a moment to consider why the Antidote would be in the trash, right next to the dining table in a haunted mansion.

To catch Rotom you have to go there at real-time night. And it comes out of a haunted television.

Escape Ropes do not work in the Old Chateau. So if you get lost in there, you’ll never get out. (Granted, the layout of the place isn’t actually that confusing, but when you’re freaking out over being surrounded by ghosts, it can be kind of hard to remember small matters such as where the exit is or how the hell you’re supposed to get there.)

Old Chateau, D/P/Pt, is the craziest place ever. It’s more nightmare fuel than creepypasta really, but the italicized bit there has been passed around a dozen and a half times.
Anywho yeah, it’s been a generally accepted theory that due to the fact that there are ghosts in the mansion and there’s antidote in a garbage can in a kitchen, they were killed with poison.
It’s heavily implied that Charon is the owner of the mansion and used to live there. There’s a notebook that says “Something so peculiar should make off with the motor… “
Anyway I’m somewhat enamored with the Old Chateau. Good stuff. c:


"You want to be me? Well then, you’re welcome to try. All you need to do is first tame that Squirtle with nothing but your fists and rock hard guts. Nope, you’re not done yet. Make Brock bleed. Make Misty moan. Let Surge know the true meaning of shock and make Erika cry your name. Get Sabrina on all fours. Use Koga as a doormat; Blaine your own personal bonfire and Giovanni to bow down like the pawn he is.”

"The Elite Four tremble for me. Lance himself books a ticket to Johto every time I set foot into Victory Road. Blue abdicates the throne of Champion the moment he sees me throw out a Caterpie. So I ask you again, faker, you want to be me?”

"You’re welcome to try."

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